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How to Prepare for Atlassian Certification - Part 1: Study & Exam Strategies

How to Prepare for Atlassian Certification

An Atlassian certification can show your expertise with the Atlassian tool suite and create distinction from your peers. Learn what techniques are best to prepare for your exam from Product Manager Samantha Park and Automation Engineer Sergiu Bacanu.

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Top Announcements from Atlassian Summit 2019

The Modus team had a great experience at the 2019 Atlassian Summit. The event’s presentations and break out sessions revealed some of the exciting new features coming to the Atlassian tool suite. Check out our list of the most interesting announcements from the 2019 summit!

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Confluence, ScriptRunner and Impersonation

Confluence, ScriptRunner and Impersonation

Looking to securely access Confluence data as a specific user in external apps? We’ve done this with custom REST endpoints in ScriptRunner. Learn how to do this yourself in this step-by-step guide!

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modus atlassian gold partner

Modus Becomes Atlassian Gold Solution Partner

After earning our Silver Solution partner badge just over nine months ago, Modus is delighted to announce we’re now a Gold level Solution Partner with Atlassian!

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Confluence + Jira Featured Image

How To Be A Confluence and Jira Requirements Hero

Manually creating user stories with Atlassian’s Jira from product requirements written in Confluence takes effort and doubles the work. Make it easier.

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Agile Boards in Jira

Agile Boards in Jira Are For Everyone

This presentation explores how teams can use Kanban and Scrum boards for any part of your development cycle – from idea to deployment and beyond!

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8 Tips Featured Image

Do You Know These 8 Powerful Jira Secrets?

Jira is an incredibly powerful issue tracking platform. These awesome, yet underutilized, features are usually left undiscovered.

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Control Jira Notifications header

How to Control your Jira Notifications

You’re in a meeting and your coworker says, “Did you see that Jira ticket I mentioned you on?” Most of us might say, “Maybe, I get so many I probably missed it.” or “Who knows, I send all of those to a folder [that I never check].” It may sometimes feel like the more diligently…

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The Definition of Ready

1 Simple Thing That Will Make Your Team Crush It

Is your team slow or do you think they could be faster? You can save them many wasted hours per week with a single short meeting called the Definition of Ready. Learning what exactly is meant by a user story or ticket is a great hidden inefficiency in agile teams. Think about this scenario: A…

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Searching for what you need in Jira using JQL

An organization’s Jira instance can quickly become a sea of issues. Seemingly overnight, an instance can accumulate thousands of epics, stories, and bugs. At first, it’s easy to remember and keep track of specific issues. But in a short amount of time, this feat of mental agility becomes impossible. A user can begin to feel…

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