Customer Experience

Digital products are your first line of customer service, and customers will bail if a product is difficult to use. Excellent customer experience is a necessity for all companies. Based on exhaustive customer insights, Modus uses structured design sprints to deliver a product that solves real challenges for real consumers. With a strong background in branding and visual design, we pride ourselves on omnichannel experience design.

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Design A New Product

Find the perfect marriage of business success and customer satisfaction. We’ll help you truly understand your customers through rapid research sprints that uncover what people do and feel, not what they say and think. Your product team is hungry for data-driven decisions, and we’ll feed them.

Redesign An Existing Product

Work with real customers to resolve pain points and modernize your products. We know people don’t like change. That’s why we define a specific release and onboarding strategy to make sure we improve the user experience without overwhelming your loyal customers.

Design Systems

Make all of your products look and feel the same with reusable UI components and a shared design language. Design systems are about bringing teams together — avoid wasting countless hours building ten different types of buttons.

Learn more about our work with Design Systems

Usability Review

Observing actual customers using your products uncovers the most pervasive usability issues. We’ll translate these issues into actionable steps to meet your product’s goals.

Experience Mapping

Transform a disjointed product portfolio into one holistic experience that delights across touchpoints and channels. We’ll lead your customers through a hands-on workshop to understand and highlight the most pervasive issues they face when using your products.

Get started today with our Experience Mapping resources.

Process Improvement

Improving the way your teams work is an added bonus of working with Modus. Embedded designers document a successful step-by-step design process that works within your unique constraints.

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