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Protect Your Applications and Your Business

Modus Security was designed to help customers uncover threats and risk. A team of embedded DevSecOps engineers, AppSec engineers, and cyber security architects gives customers an exhaustive evaluation and leaves Modus clients with an actionable set of options to remediate security threats.

The product provides technical assessments, process audits, and threat modeling services for businesses looking to minimize threats to their business from external actors including:

  • Application of standard threat modeling processes
  • Review of existing applications for code quality and security issues
  • Examination of Cloud hosting design and DevOps processes

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6 Components of Modus Security

Due Diligence

This phase of the engagement focuses around gathering and documenting information on tooling, infrastructure, source code, monitoring and alerting, documentation, SDLC, communications, oversight, and ownership.

Application Deep Dive

The target system is reviewed by an Application Security Engineer and Cyber Security Architect to build a clearer picture of threats and vulnerabilities the application faces.

Threat Modeling

The threat modeling phase is built around one of the common methodologies such as VAST, STRIDE or PASTA. Here the client's system is modeled diagrammatically and a list of potential threats is generated.

Network and Infrastructure Deep Dive

The target system is reviewed by a DevSecOps engineer and Cyber Security architect to build a clearer picture of threats and vulnerabilities the infrastructure faces.

Security Engagement Recommendations

Based upon the results of the due diligence, deep dives and threat modeling recommendations for larger strategic initiatives will be recommended.

Risk Assessment

The Modus Security engagement concludes with a final presentation and risk assessment covering the overview of the process, key findings, and overall risk discovered.


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A multi-phased engagement leaves Modus partners with an understanding of their threat surface and actionable remediation steps. Read more about the Modus Security process on our blog.

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