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Design systems are the foundation of any scalable product portfolio. More than just a style guide, design systems are a central, governed platform consisting of:

  • User interface components and patterns to be reused and shared across teams and products
  • Tone and voice guidelines to reflect appropriate messaging to your constituents 
  • Publishing workflows, including who decides what makes a component a pattern 
  • Design principles to help teams build cohesive, inclusive products

Many organizations don’t prioritize scaling how their front-end interfaces are built until they realize they don’t scale at all. Consider implementing a design system if your organization is spending significant time and resources rebuilding and refactoring existing components. 

The Benefits of Design Systems

Build Faster

Champion reuse and simplify exchanges between product, design, and development, enabling controlled, large scale UI updates without manual changes to your components.

Improve Consistency

Everyone works from a single source of truth, from concept through implementation.

Foster Innovation

Allow your team to focus on high-value problems instead of UI problems they have already solved.


Modus Engagements

Modus provides everything from coaching to delivering and maintaining a functional design system.

We tailor engagements to your organization’s needs and situation, which may include: 

  • You have an existing design system, style guide, sticker sheet, or pattern library
  • Your product development organization supports multiple products, applications, brands, or lines of business
  • You have tried releasing a design system but saw limited engagement or implementation

End-to-End Coverage

Building a design system as a side project is tough. Modus' end-to-end engagements dedicate the time needed to guide organizations to a successful deployment with our outcome-based approach.

1. Discovery

2 - 4 Weeks

  • Kickoff
  • Stakeholder Interviews
  • Current State Analysis
    • Process
    • Handoffs
    • Terminologies

2. Planning

2 Weeks

  • Identifying the pilot and flagship product
  • Inventories & Audits
  • Infrastructure
  • Goals & Metrics

3. Development

2 - 6 Months | Heavily Dependent on Scope

  • Prioritize and deploy components, patterns, and design system platform
  • Design Principles
  • Teams & Roles

4. Implementation

1 - 2 Months | Heavily Dependent on Scope

  • Deploying Your Design System
  • Using Tokens in Your Workflow
  • Measuring Success

5. Governance

2 - 4 Weeks

  • Publishing & Contribution Workflows
  • New Patterns
  • Sunsetting Patterns & Components

Contact a Customer Experience Expert

Contact us to learn more about how Modus can accelerate your product development team’s design system efforts, regardless of where your organization is on its journey to deliver products consistently and at scale.

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