Customer-Centric Product Design

Modus Create's team of designers, user researchers, and strategists help companies grow their business with beautiful, valuable, and intuitive human-centered products.

Unlock insights from foundational research, rapid prototyping, and design sprints. Make digital experiences that customers want to use.

Modus Create Enterprise Customer Experience

Enterprise Customer Experience

As your products grow and adapt, it’s a constant struggle to keep your customer’s needs top of mind. Our teams put your customers’ journeys in context by talking with them directly and observing how they interact with your brand and your products. Build a customer-centric organization to unlock your company's potential to grow.

User Experience and Evidence-Based Design

In today's digital age, a beautiful, usable, omnichannel product is table stakes. The leaders of the digital future capture and retain revenue with their digital experiences. Modus has an expert team of designers with extensive experience designing digital products for some of the world's biggest companies.

See Our Portfolio

The Modus team consolidated some of their best graphics, application designs, prototypes, mockups, and other visual designs on our Dribbble profile.

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Modus Create CX Content Strategy

Content Strategy

The content within your digital product can be your company’s greatest asset or one of your costliest liabilities. CX experts assess how to maximize the effectiveness of your content based on a comprehensive measurement of your current content and the process for creating it.


Training and Workshops

Ensure your team continues to succeed long after our work is finished. Modus leads design thinking and design sprint events, workshops, and design days to transform your company's design team.

How Our Experts Can Help

  • Facilitate Product Kickstarts: our own approach to kicking off any complex software engagement
  • Lead collaborative Design Sprints
  • Guide your team in learning how to interview and observe your customers
Modus Create CX Workshops
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Design Systems

Design systems scale design across entire product portfolios. Modus teams work with you to reduce inconsistency and time to market.

How Our Experts Can Help

  • Scope and plan a new design system
  • Develop and implement a custom design system
  • Help implement an off-the-shelf solution
Modus Create Customer Experience Design Studio Workshop

Run Your Team With This Miro Template

Help your team vet ideas and design new prototypes remotely with this sketching and storyboarding template create by the Modus team.

See the Design Studio Template on Miro →

Customer Experience and Design Expertise

Customer Experience Strategy

  • Customer Journey Analysis
  • Voice of Customer Programs and Analysis
  • Process Analysis
  • Vision Alignment
  • Team Org Model Recommendations
  • Stakeholder and Customer Interviews

User Experience and Design

  • Design Research
  • User Interface Design
  • Prototyping
  • Usability Testing
  • Design Systems
  • Visual and Graphic Design
  • Data Visualization

Content Strategy

  • Voice and Tone Consulting
  • Content Lifecycle Audit
  • Governance and Publishing
  • Content Frameworks

Training and Workshops

  • Design Thinking Workshops
  • Design Sprint Events
  • Keynotes and Design Days
  • Design Culture and Customer Centricity Training