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Are you truly an agile organization?

Saying you’re agile is not the same as executing in an Agile manner across all areas of your business. Gain alignment with lean, high performing development teams and operations.

We help unite all areas of an organization into a single Agile methodology. We provide full SDLC services for managed, multi-disciplinary teams using Agile delivery.

Agile starts with the cloud.

Get to market faster with cloud-native apps and train your teams on the best lean methodologies. We are a proud AWS Consulting Partner, enabling us to provide true Agile transformation throughout your organization with the world’s largest cloud provider.

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Tools to Make Agile Achievable

As a licensed Atlassian Gold Solution Partner we are able to provide the correct tools for true Agile integrations. From Jira to Confluence, our unique Altlassian knowledge ensures you get the get the most from your distributed teams to collaboratively build successful products.

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Agile Transformation in 4 Steps


Planning and Estimation

Starting with an enterprise portfolio assessment, we create a customized plan for scalable transformation in your organization. We examine code, team structure, and market positioning to provide tangible steps to improve your business.


Distributed Teams

The modern global meritocracy of talent is changing how organizations hire, incentivize, and retain talent. Capitalize on that talent by hiring the best from around the world. We can help you build and manage distributed, agile teams because that’s precisely how Modus is built.


DevOps and Automation

Overcome performance, scaling, and security challenges by empowering your teams to design, build, test, deploy, and support your software. Integrated DevOps environments and increased automation allow teams to focus on delivering production software serving happy customers.


Cloud Native Apps

We lower the barrier from idea to market by developing cloud-native apps and training your team on best practices for sustained success long after our engagement concludes.

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