Partners with the leaders in product management tools.

Modus Create is one of a select number of Premier Boutique Partners. Pendo is the market leader in providing product managers the tools needed to plan, measure, and execute plans to drive growth. 

Pendo provides Modus product strategy consultants deeper insights into users, feature adoption, and growth. It provides product owners with the insights they need to build user-centric products that deliver business value.

Delivering Outcomes with Pendo

Putting Users First

Modus firmly believes that putting users first is the best way to make products that work.

Product Planning

In Modus’ product strategy engagements, we look to understand the opportunity space, dive into the problem space, and obsessively learn about our users in order to create the best innovative solution to match.

Feature Adoption

Once an app is up and running, determining what new features to build is an essential part of growing the app.

Product Growth

Modus works with our clients to set clear, attainable and business-driven goals. These goals then drive the work to be done: retain more users, refine user funnels, sell more widgets.

Pendo Partner - Putting Users First

Putting Users First

Pendo provides tools to monitor usage across apps and platforms, understand user sentiment, support user onboarding and usage flow, and many other features.


Product Planning

User feedback across apps and platforms help identify trends, user sentiment enlightens decisions, and live testing prototypes ensures teams build the right thing. Pendo offers actionable analytics without significant customization.

Modus Create Pendo Partner Product Planning
Pendo Partner Feature Adoption

Feature Adoption

Pendo’s Product Cloud helps teams better understand how users are using the app: what features they like and use and which ones they don’t. This provides real-time feedback on what users want and don’t want – Pendo simply puts product managers closer to our users, and that enlightens product decisions.

Product Growth and Business Outcomes

Product owners need data to test hypotheses about product growth. User feedback reduces risky assumptions and helps validate what works, allowing teams to double down and achieve their goals: for the product and the business.