Improve the Velocity of Agile Project with Decisions

How to Improve an Agile Project’s Velocity with Decisions

On agile projects, making fast, smart, decisions is the key to removing roadblocks. As a ScrumMaster or Product Owner you can improve your team’s velocity by making and facilitating decisions. I’m going to give you a few tips to help you make the right decisions quickly. Product owners don’t wait for decisions Brian Valentine, the…

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Good Agile vs Bad Agile

Good Agile. Bad Agile.

  There are Good Agile teams and there are Bad Agile teams. Building great software depends on a commitment to excellence and continued improvement. Therefore, it is critical to closely examine what separates the good from the bad so we can identify gap for improvement in our own teams and organizations. Good Agile teams put…

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Growth via Mobility

“Please sir, I want some more”… growth via mobility

In prior posts I’ve discussed two common contexts for mobility initiatives: business model disruption (uh oh, how do I make money anymore?), and software subsuming hardware (no more pesky boxes). The third, today’s topic, is growth vectors for mature firms (I’m already really big – how do I get bigger?) – using mobility to generate…

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Avoid Failure with Agile Product Management

Any type of software development methodology such as Agile or LEAN is just that: a methodology. Implementing that into an effective process for a development team in the real world can often be challenging. This article explores four real world challenges that frequently prevent teams from being effective with Agile: 1. Manage the dependencies between…

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