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Product Kickstart was developed to help organizations prepare for a successful software development project. Collaborative, cross-functional workshops and deliverables bring together stakeholders from product, technology, and design to create a clearly defined product development plan. Depending on the complexity and breadth of the product, workshops can be offered as a one-week, two-week, or four-week engagement.


of IT Professionals lack confidence in product success


of IT Professionals are unclear on the business objectives of their project


of IT Professionals are in agreement that a project is complete

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Learn More in the Session e-Book

This workbook covers the sessions participants would expect to undergo during a Product Kickstart.

3 Components of a Product Kickstart



Modus consultants have led engineering engagements for global organizations for nearly a decade. Our team leverages our years of experience and our specialized expertise in designing and building high performing digital products to accelerate your software project.


User Experience

Your ability to deliver a powerful user experience directly impacts product value. Our world class design teams empower strong user experience and improve conversions with design systems, design research, data visualization and usability testing.


Product Strategy

Every organization has become a software company. To compete in today’s world, organizations must be agile, intelligent, mobile, and innovative. Our product teams ensure your company is at the top of your game, building the right apps in the right way.

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Product Kickstart Deliverables

Example Sessions

  • Goal Alignment
  • Product Vision
  • Cover Story Creation
  • Persona Development
  • Customer Journey Mapping
  • Epic Breakdown
  • User Story Mapping
  • Design Studio
  • Product Roadmapping
  • System Architecture
  • Tech Ecosystem Assessment



Collaborative workshops can be run either in-person or remote. These sessions cover product, engineering, and design functions and are the quickest way to secure team alignment and build a plan for success.

User Research

Understanding your users is key to designing and building a successful software product. Modus teams lead user research and create user personas to guide decision making and improve product value.



Modus engineers deliver a prototype application built on a modern tech stack application, empowering performance, user experience, and security, while ensuring the software product gets started on the right footing.

Product Kickstart Benefits

Feature Prioritization

Prioritze the most important features, themes, and epics in your digital product and empower performance and user experience.

Define KPIs and Constraints

Define KPIs, SLAs, and business goals and constraints to reduce uncertainty and maximize success.

Codify Information

Understand how the system is used, what works, and what could be improved.

Estimate Scope

Estimate the size and complexity of your product, understand what you are building, and how customers use use it.

Deliver for Your Users

Improve engagement and conversions by engineering a solution that solves real problems for real customers.


A Way Forward for Software Projects

Learn more about Product Kickstart and what it can do for teams looking to accelerate a successful product launch.

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