New Platforms Driving Improved UX

Round Up Cattle, a digital livestock auctioning platform, asked Modus to lead a rebuild of their existing online auction application. The current application was built on outdated technology, was at risk of losing functionality, and was not architected for mobile. Additionally, their next auction was rapidly approaching, meaning Modus consultants had only one month to deliver the new app.

Leveraging expert knowledge of React and Node.js, the team delivered a working solution in record time and provided added value for the client and their customers.



An existing application built with a soon-to-be-deprecated technology was at risk of having features broken, significantly hurting user experience. Round Up also wanted to a modern rewrite of the application to improve user experience and deploy the new application before the next scheduled auction; just a month away from the start of the project.



A small, Agile team quickly assesses which technology would allow for accelerated delivery while addressing the client's need. Modus consultants recommended a React.js app that communicated with a Node.js server over WebSockets. AWS Elastic Beanstalk allowed easy deployment and scale of the Node.js backend while minimizing cost. Using a technology stack based on web standards guaranteed long term browser support which was essential for our client's app-centric business.



In under a month, the team delivered a fully functional, modernized auction application for Round Up. By grounding component outlines in customer insights, Modus built a robust and easy-to-maintain app that provided a better user experience and a responsive layout on mobile devices for the first time ever. Additionally, setting the client up with an on-demand pricing model through AWS helped reduce hosting expenses.

Vital Stats

Days to deliver an app

Reduced hosting expenses on AWS Cloud


New Digital Channels Streams

The rewritten application made Round Up's service available on mobile for the first time, opening a new revenue channel.

Improved User Experience

By leveraging the component model and removing third-party implementations, Modus consultants improved user experience and application responsiveness.