How Designers Can Improve Product Quality

How Designers Improve Product Quality

Designers are as important to finding and addressing product quality issues during the development process as the development team. This article share why designers are necessary to maximize product quality.

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A Guide to Design System Field Studies Blog Header Image

A Guide to Design System Field Studies

Teams can use design system field studies to discover new insights and evaluate the validity of hypotheses. This article explains why organizations need design system research, shares best practices on field studies, and looks at the benefits of design systems.

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Effective Growth Practices

Creating Effective and Sustainable Growth Practices

Creating sustainable growth practices is a difficult task, but one that is critical to any Modus engagement. Vera Ginzburg discusses understanding and prioritizing growth levers and opportunities to create successful business growth.

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Why It's Not Good Enough To Be Better Than Your Direct Competitors

Be Better Than More Than Just Your Direct Competition

While many organizations compare their products only to analogous and competing products, few realize their product is competing with every product your customers use. JD Jones shares tips for delivering greater and establishing relevancy in the product space. 

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How Executives Can Empower Great Design

How Executives can Empower Great Design

Many leaders recognize design as a key competitive differentiator, but not every executive knows how to lead their design teams. Chris Avore details how leadership can help their teams save money, increase revenue, and more, with design.

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UX and Feature Policy

Protecting UX with Feature Policy

Learn how to protect your application’s user experience and security from unwanted access from third party content with feature policy. Selectively enable, disable, and modify the behavior of certain APIs and web features in the browser.

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Interaction20 Recap Blog Header

Interaction 20 Recap: Lessons From Milan

Director, Customer Experience and Design, Chris Avore, recaps his experience and the significant talks that shaped the program at this year’s Interaction 20 event.

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Chris Avore at Costa Rica IXDA Photograph

2019 Modus Experience Year in Review

As the new decade begins, it’s time to take stock of what events, activities, and opportunities the Modus Customer Experience practice shared throughout 2019.

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Product Ops

What the Heck is Product Ops? (And…Do We Need It?)

Product Ops can streamline your business processes and accelerate your Product Management team. In his latest article, Modus Director, Strategy Drew Falkman writes about Product Ops use cases and the skills and tools required for implementation.

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Questions and Answers: Product Design

What To Ask Before A Product Design Project

Asking the right questions before beginning a design project sets your team and project up for success. Better understanding a customer’s needs produces better software. In this article, we share which questions help teams align before beginning a project.

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