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The 7 Step Process of Driving Change

The 7 Step Process of Driving Change

User Interface engineer Trevor Brindle shares how he proactively made a major improvement to the developer experience for his team at one of our clients, reducing a barrier that allowed them to more rapidly push updates to the client’s product.

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Atlassian Server Product Line Announcement

Atlassian Announces Changes to Server Product Line

Atlassian’s recent announcement to end sale and support for Server products over the next two years concerned many organizations as to how these changes will impact them. Read tips for businesses currently using the product line and discuss the benefits of migrating to Atlassian Cloud or Data Center.

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Delivering Big Value Quickly with a Small, Remote or Distributed, Agile Team Modus Create Blog Header Image

Deliver Big Value Quickly with a Small Team

Read our small team’s learnings, methods, and shortcuts in creating an involved and valuable app in a very short amount of time for our client. This article also covers how we applied user centric design, focus and prioritization, as well as the results we were able to achieve.

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Executing Effective Automated Tests and Test Automation Modus Create Blog Header Image

How to Execute Effective Automated Tests

Effective automated tests speed up delivery, reduce errors, and deliver better products. However, incorrectly implementing test automation can increase costs and delay delivery. Our QA Community of Experts wrote about how to execute valuable automated tests.

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Laravel 8 Laravel Tips Header Image

The 15 Best New Features in Laravel 8

Laravel 8 released on September 8th and brought many new features that improve the Laravel UI and developer experience. Take a look at the 15 best new features available in Laravel 8.

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Scaled Agile Modus Create Blog Header Image

Scaled Agile – Why? When? How?

Scaled Agile empowers organizations with many teams to plan, coordinate, and track work on large initiatives. This blog post provides insight into why, when, and how organizations should consider adopting Scaled Agile. 

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Modus Create Community of Experts Header Image

The Challenges of Building a Community of Experts

While Communities of Experts improve outcomes for our clients and aid career growth for our consultants, building a CoE can be challenging. This blog addresses common concerns: integrating a CoE, engaging with the CoE, and aligning teams.

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Building a Community of Experts - COE

Building a Community of Experts

Communities of Experts consolidate knowledge, document standards, reduce delivery times for clients, and open up growth opportunities. Read how Communities of Experts empower personal and professional growth and accelerate delivery at Modus.

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Daily Standups and Crisis Management

Daily Stand Ups and Crisis Management

Agile organizations often use Daily Stand Ups and similar meetings as a way to drive alignment and adaptability. Daily Stand Ups ensure that actions create both valuable and viable outcomes – and are needed more today than ever.

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Stop Asking Would You Use This Modus Customer Experience Blog Header

Stop Asking “Would You Use This?”

Building a new product or implementing a new feature costs time and money – asking the right questions before getting started can accelerate a successful digital product build. Learn how to use Lean Startup methodology to decrease business risk.

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