Whether you are looking to build a new, state-of-the-art application or need to modernize your existing product, our team will help you reach your end goal. Using lean and Agile product development methodologies, we help your business confidently build products that solve real-world problems.

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Front End

Customers expect beautiful, usable applications. While good visual design and information architecture help drive this, solid Front End Engineering is equally important to ensure Customer Experience is top notch and flawless.

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Our passion for awesome Front End applications goes beyond just building them. Modus belives in giving back to the community, helping everyone build better software, easier. See our community contributions at Modus Labs.

Back End/API

Users demand that products retrieve data quickly, accurately, and securely. Solid Back End and API engineering support both customer satisfaction and successful product integration with other systems. We can work with your team to review your current architecture and create migration and modernization plans.


Whether using a relational database or a NoSQL solution, storing and modeling your data plays an important part in most systems. We will work with your team to apply the right technology for your business needs and to optimize queries for performance at web scale.


Modus makes the deployment and operation of your cloud-based products effortless. While our team of experts gets your application running smoothly, safely, and securely on the leading cloud platforms, you can confidently shift focus back to delivering features for your customers. We use a variety of tool chains and follow industry best practices for continuous integration, delivery, and deployment.


We take Quality Assurance (QA) very seriously. Our dedicated in-house QA department executes thorough and complex testing processes depending on the scope of your project. We ensure automated testing (integration, regression, performance) and manual testing is set up correctly for your application. The goal is to make sure that every line of code, pixel on the screen, and interaction with your app is perfect from launch onward.

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