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Transform Your Organization's Content with Modus Content Strategy

Unique, customized solutions to solve your business’ content problems while unlocking the opportunity for your content to do more. 

Talk to an expert to learn more about how Modus can provide content strategy consulting services such as: 

  • Omnichannel and cross-channel strategy
  • Content audits and baseline scoring 
  • Content publishing governance and operations
  • Deliberate voice and tone used consistently across channels 
  • Quantitative measurement of existing content effectiveness

Most engagements range from 4 to 12 weeks.

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Understand the Current State of Your Content

Every content strategy engagement starts with a comprehensive content assessment. Modus teams review all applicable content and identify gaps or redundancies, as well as areas of strength. Then, Modus interviews your executive team, your content production team, and your audience to find out where there are any misaligned expectations, frustrations, or impediments to producing great content.

With the assessment in hand and the first-person accounts of your organization’s content challenges, Modus team members can prioritize, rank, and recommend your options to reach your desired end state.


Quantitative Review - Analytics and Inventory of Your Content Today

Review site analytics to see what pages are the most and least popular, how long audiences are staying on certain pages, how they are interacting with the content they read and where they go after they view a page. Modus also identifies how many components of content, such as pages, sites, landing pages, and assets such as PDFs or videos, your business has, and create a content matrix to track content gaps and any content assessment that would occur during the content audit.

Operationalize Content Excellence

Don’t leave high value content to chance. Repeatable, understandable, and transparent policies ensure your audience gets the most useful content. Modus optimizes your publishing approval process, defines a content voice and tone that reflects your brand, and establishes governance models built for scale.


Unlock Content Intelligence

Elevate your organization’s content capability. Modus consultants work with your executives and content producers to identify appropriate tagging schemas, optimize content for search engines and social media, and configure your content management system to deliver value to employees and customers.

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