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Grow Your Business with The Cloud

Cloud adoption is a fundamental building block of digital transformation. A cloud engagement with Modus empowers your teams through technology and cloud adoption and products built with modern stacks and development methods to shorten time to market and improve customer experience. Gain the systems agility your company craves, reduce costs, free up resources, easily bundle services, and exceed operational efficiency with safe and secure cloud capabilities.


Custom Roadmaps that Work for You

Our exhaustive research, assessment, and planning ensures you get a cloud solution that is secure, automated, and nimble. Modus teams work directly with your team to determine a full migration or hybrid solution that can grow and scale with your business.



Transformation in the Cloud with AWS

AWS has unmatched depth and breadth of offerings. Our strategic partnership with AWS validates and strengthens Modus’ expertise moving vital data centers to the world’s most comprehensive cloud solution provider. Modus teams accelerate deployment with secure automated processes to protect your sensitive data.

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Tracking Multiple Git Branches in AWS CodePipeline

CodePipeline is Amazon Web Services’s (AWS’s) Continuous Integration / Continuous Deployment (CI/CD) pipeline service. In a nutshell, that means it orchestrates all of the necessary build, test, approval and deployment steps necessary to take code from source to production.

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Extensive Cloud Expertise

Cloud Migration

Modus will create a comprehensive migration plan alongside your team that provides you with the information you need to be successful. Whether you need a full cloud migration or a hybrid solution, you can be confident the outcome will be scalable and help your business grow into the future.

Monitoring and Alerting as Code

Managing large amounts of code is difficult and time consuming. With many version control products, the problem can be even worse. Modus consultants help you consolidate all code into a single version control system.

DevSecOps and Full CI/CD Lifecycle Implementation

Ensure builds that go out the door are secure. Modus teams will help you bake static analysis into your CI/CD pipeline and tailor security scans to your environment and code base. Leave your customers with peace of mind that you take security as seriously as they do.

Training and Coaching

During integration, Modus consultants give your team hands on DevOps training. As Modus migratse your systems, our teams train your staff and tune the environment to your needs. Demos, training seminars, and pair development make your team confident through the entire engagement.

Modus in Action

DevOps Transformation on AWS

EDR needed to reliably create, develop, and test production environments. Modus Create used a CI-driven process to package and deploy software to dynamically created environments and improve testing. This AWS deployment and Agile transformation helped EDR better serve large-scale financial institutions that were their clients.

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Atlassian Cloud Migration Modernizes Operations

PEF Services, a boutique financial services consulting firm, was looking to streamline software development by providing their team the latest and greatest in Atlassian software. After recognizing the need for guidance and support from an experienced outside firm, PEF selected Modus to lead the modernization.

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