Product Kickstart

Give us five days and we'll give you a way forward. Product Kickstart is facilitated, focused, and action-oriented. Give your team a framework for sizing risk and complexity and ship product faster.

Product Kickstart is a facilitated 5 day program focused on the development of an actual product—yours!

We'll walk you, step-by-step, through the core aspects of lean and agile principles and leave you with:

  1. A framework for feature prioritization
  2. A focus on assumptions, constraints, and KPIs
  3. A deliverable-based way to codify information
  4. A way to estimate scope to plan an MVP or product release

Live Every Phase of Your Product's Lifecycle in One Week


Kickstart Overview and Objectives for the Week

First day is an overview of the Kickstart process (discussion of working sessions, deliverables, and follow-on items).

An open discussion about business, product, technology, team, and non-goals starts the identification of maintainable and cost effective options for the project.


Users, Tasks, Workflow, Personas, User Stories

Second day will be a facilitated discussion about the product itself and how users interact with their system. Think of it as the what, how, when, where and why of the product.

From these discussions a base-line understanding of how people use the system is established and provides a forum on what works from a users perspective and what could be improved.


Design Patterns UX/UI, Mobile first design

The third day focuses on exploring prevailing design patterns being used in applications in your industry/project.

Reviewing examples of other applications address modes that work well (and not so well.) The objective is to discuss and form consensus on the core modes of the application.


Scope & Estimation Agile Planning

On the fourth day the focus is on the decision making process for making go-forward technology and insource/outsource decisions.

We will identify epics, work themes and story dependencies and begin a discussion on story prioritization. High level review of the core tenets of agile software development and terms of art followed by group discussion.


Priorities, Planning, Budgeting & Post Kickstart Planning

Our end of week wrap-up focuses on identifying priorities and constraints. A group discussion on priorities with emphasis on aligning user story work to business goals, KPIs, and SLAs.

In this session we'll review (and assign) all follow-on activities from each day's session so technology and cost options can be completed for budget, timeline, phasing, and resourcing recommendations.

Grab Your Workbook


We've developed a Product Kickstart workbook for you and your team to outline goals and a plan for your product. Go ahead and get started!


How It's Made

We spent some time with the folks over at National Lithograph and put together some footage of the book being printed. Enjoy!

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