Trusted Vue Support When Your Enterprise Needs It

Groundbreaking customer experience is not possible without products engineered on the latest and greatest frameworks. To succeed in the future, every touchpoint must delight customers. Modus works with Vue.js to help companies deliver beautiful, usable experiences. It's like having a core team at your disposal.

3 Components of a Modus Vue.js Engagement



Our Subject Matter Experts are contributors to several Vue.js libraries like Ionic-Vue.



Modus has refined our Vue.js tools and practices through our experience helping enterprise customers reduce risks in delivering sophisticated web applications.



Our cross-functional teams scale fast by utilizing best practices and promote the agile environment.

Other Partnerships

We are working with some of the top innovators and leaders in digital transformation.


Dedicated Vue.js Engineer

Get a full-time dedicated Vue.js engineer to support your Vue.js application development.

Timezone Flexibility

Our talents work from 50+ countries around the world to best fit your team's timezone.

Continuous Growth

Modus Create’s Vue.js experts continuously invest in leveling up the skills that drive your digital presence to success.

Scaleable Support

Quickly add Vue.js professionals to your teams when they need more expert help.

Open Source Contributions


Use the beautiful Ionic UI library with Vue applications. This adapter bridges Ionic internals to Vue and Vue Router, allowing seamless integration of the two frameworks.


Protect your online identity by making sure your accounts and passwords are secure. Built on Vue.js and Ionic Framework, Beep runs a security check in just one minute and keeps your passwords safe with an obfuscated hashing algorithm.