NYC.JS Google Glass Demo

Want to learn more about Google Glass and see a live demonstration of building an app using Wakanda?

Watch a live code demonstration of how to build an app and launch it, learn how the wakandaDB’s schema is defined in JSON or a light JS DSL and see the automatic creation of a robust REST api.

The live demonstration will be followed by a code explanation of how related records are surfaced as JavaScript object hierarchy on the server and proxies through the REST api to give you state on the client. This nosql, but related, database is accessed 100% though JavaScript, and it is a pleasure to use and play with.

At the end of the presentation we will be giving away a Nexus 7 to a lucky attendee (randomly chosen by JavaScript, of course), and we will let you wear, demo, and learn more about Google Glass.

“This is about cool code and enjoying JavaScript and web development. I will not be pushing or selling anything. I love talking about technology.” – Lyle Troxell

There will be free beer and pizza!

Lyle Troxell is a developer advocate for wakandaDB ( and is a volunteer radio host of GeekSpeak ( on NPR member station KUSP, in Santa Cruz.

Date: 7/25/13
Time: 7 PM
Type: Meetup
Location: 500 7th ave 17th floor, New York, NY

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