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NYC.js Meetup


NYC.JS is a 'by developer, for developer' format where an engaged group of technologists come together to discuss and debate best practices (and frustrations) building apps with JavaScript/HTML5 frameworks.

With an initial focus on Sencha Touch and Ext JS, the group has broadened to "all things JS" and more recently has focused on the engineering behind HTML5 apps for digital media and publishing industry.

Developers, designers, and product people are all welcome. Our only 'rule' is no head hunters or recruiters can join or recruit on our site or at events.

NOVA.js Meetup


Originally founded to foster knowledge sharing among developers using the Ext JS UI framework, the group has grown to cover topics from UI design, to hybrid app development with PhoneGap, to responsive design.

Folks from all product development/tech backgrounds are welcome, with the only caveat that IT Recruiters are discouraged from joining and spamming the group members.

PROV.js meetup


Prov.JS is a meetup for web developers in Providence, RI. The focus is on JavaScript, HTML5, and frameworks. We meet every other month for one or two 30-45 minute talks, followed by beer and discussion at someplace close by. Contact us if there's something you'd like to learn more about or you'd like to give a talk yourself.

CLUJ.js meetup


Cluj.JS is an outlet for developers to engage and learn about all things JavaScript. All levels of experience are welcome! We will have discussions on a variety of frameworks and experience levels. If you have a request for something you want to learn, please reach out to us!

SPLIT.js meetup


A group for everyone involved with creating and maintaining awesome web apps and sites. We'll be discussing about the latest trends in the technologies that drives the web forward.

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