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Universal Content Distribution with HTML5 and Sencha Touch

The internet made significant waves in the publishing industry, fundamentally changing distribution models as customer preferences shifted strongly to digital. Serving curated content in a user-friendly interface was critical to continued success for The Atlantic and other publishing powerhouses. Using HTML5 and Sencha Touch, the Modus team developed The Atlantic Wire, a universal application that allowed consumers to track newsmakers and opinions across the entire media spectrum: newspapers, web sites, television, radio, and magazines.

The Atlantic Wire demonstrates the strength of HTML5 and the benefits of developing universal applications. In addition to creating a digital platform for readers to consume the content they want, the application empowers the organization to distribute monetized content freely to a wider base of users by integrating with industry-leading advertising technologies.



Consumer preferences for media consumption were changing to be digital-first. The new application needed to deliver beautiful user experiences and provide The Atlantic the ability to control distribution, pricing, and advertising.



Modus Create leveraged its partnership with Sencha to design and build a beautiful, functional HTML5 application. The selection of HTML5 freed The Atlantic's constraints placed by app stores and allows them to innovate upon their business model and technical capabilities. With HTML5, companies have the ability to build universal applications without limitations.



The Atlantic Wire app delivered universal access to Atlantic content, allowed the organization to distribute content freely without the use of vendors. The new user interface helped retain customers and attract new digital readers. The application also created an additional source of revenue generation, allowing the organization to sell advertising space within embedded modules on the application.


"We believe the future of digital publishing will require a multiple-platform, multiple-product strategy using open technologies where users can access Atlantic content whenever and however they want it."

The Atlantic

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