Why Lean is Critical to Scoping


Mobile has completely disrupted process for product development. This rapid disruption leaves us with three truths:

  1. Waterfall is dead.
  2. Agile is simply table stakes.
  3. Lean is essential for scoping.

Are you pivoting fast enough?

Users are providing feedback instantly, and users expect fixes and updates in quick cycles across multiple platforms on a growing number of devices. There is no time for drawn out waterfall process because the user will move on to a better alternative before a waterfall project ever comes to fruition.

Along the same token, Agile allows organizations to quickly change direction with prioritization and quicker releases to meet the user’s demands. However, it’s not fast enough if the right product assumptions aren’t being made from the beginning.

Furthermore, there’s also the business challenge of satisfying management and shareholders that want to know from the beginning: what is the outcome and what is the cost?

The key in today’s market is to augment Agile process with the Lean Startup principles Learn, Build, and Measure.

Product Kickstart

We’ve taken these principles and created the Product Kickstart. The Product Kickstart is an intense five day engagement that uses Lean principles to scope a project and equip an Agile team with the resources to be successful. We use it to identify goals, challenge business assumptions and priorities with Product Kickstart. With product, UX, and architecture input we provide validations to an organization’s product ideas and then respond with actionable deliverables such as:

  • UX assets,
  • wireframes,
  • candidate user stories and estimated sizing,
  • release planning,
  • architecture and technology roadmaps, and
  • a resource plan that brings everything together.

The result is that we quickly align scope, budget, and timelines before we risk sending an Agile development team off to potentially build a product failure.

Lean has a goal to create a minimum viable product (MVP). Our Product Kickstart uses the same thought process to create Minimum Viable Planning.

The result?

Management gets a stronger answer to the question of “how much does it cost and how long will it take?”

Development teams get validated UX assets and architecture documentation for a more seamless start to early iterations.

End Users get applications they want, delivered on time and simultaneously more likely to meet their rapidly evolving expectations.

Product Kickstart Planning Guide

Download our free Product Kickstart Planning Guide and get your product moving in the right direction within just five days. We would love to hear your feedback so make sure you come back and leave us a note!

Are you using our Product Kickstart Workbook? Get your Product Kickstart Planning Guide from https://moduscreate.com/services/product-kickstart/

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