We’re Turning 1 Today!


Modus Create, Inc. turns 1 year old today, 366 days after co-founding Modus (damn you leap year), I’m amazed at how much we’ve grown.

This is a big day for me personally, and for my co-founders, Jay Garcia, and Josh Izenberg.

We assembled and amazing team, starting with our first strategic hire, Aaron Smith, and our founding team: Steve Dalgetty, Dave Ackerman, Grgur Grisogono, Wil Boayue, and everyone who’s helped us get to an amazing first year: Crysfel Villa, Stanislav Bershadskiy, Michael Harrison, Scott White, Sean McDaniel, David Evans, David Norton, Denis Sheridan, and Michael Aldana.

We’ve developed great partnerships as well, firstly, with our longtime friends at Sencha, who have been great supporters of ours in the marketplace and have opened many doors for us with great top tier clients.

Secondly, to Rachel Caggiano, Irfan Kamal, Jon Melzer, and the DC office of Ogilvy PR Worldwide, who took a chance on us early on, and trusted us to help with some strategic internal product development efforts, and have given us amazing opportunities since then.

I owe a personal debt of gratitude to our informal and hugely valuable advisors DP Venkatesh, CEO of mPortal, who let me squat at a desk in his office before we had a place to call home, and gave me huge insights into running a mobile startup, and Larry FitzPatrick, CEO of Computech, who has been a sounding board for all of our ideas related to mobile government.

And of course we dedicate every day to our Customers. As a bootstrapped startup we’re eternally grateful to our customers, who entrust us with their funds and more importantly, their ideas, without which, there would be no amazing work for our awesome team. Thanks to all our awesome clients from year one, there will forever be a special place in my heart for making this one of the best year’s of my life!


Pat Sheridan

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