[Video] Establishing a Security First Mindset

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Video: Establishing a Security First Mindset with GitHub

Lee Faus, Senior Solutions Architect at GitHub, followed keynote Marty Coburn, and spoke to how GitHub has mastered some highly effective ways to set up workflows for productivity and security. He also will show how you can use the GitHub to establish audit trails and give people appropriate access to the tools they need. Lee asserted that GitHub-based teams are 30% more collaborative than their competition. GitHub’s strategy to help teams accomplish these goals is to enable:

  1. Easy Deployment and Administration
  2. Simple Community Creation
  3. Community Based Gated Workflows

Sound interesting? Check out Lee’s whole talk here:

Enjoy this video? Watch for the next speaker in our series, Rob Witoff, Director at Coinbase, discuss Security, Scalability, Productivity: Embracing a DevOps Mindset at Coinbase.

image source: https://www.enterprise.github.com/

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