Discussion with Eric Ries, Trends in Enterprise Lean Adoption


I recently had the opportunity to speak with Eric Ries, author of The Lean Startup, on the adoption of lean within large organizations. It was great to talk directly with Eric about his experience helping the c-suite get innovation off the whiteboard and into production and share some thoughts from our experience doing the same.

As Fortune 1000 companies look to open new revenue channels with a new generation of web and mobile apps, we’re seeing patterns of progress and impediments to adoption of lean thinking in a wide range of flavors: organizational design, political barriers, incentive mis-alignments, and outmoded IT, among others. Eric and I attempted to explore some of the “why’s” beneath the “how” in our webcast.

Some talking points from our conversation:

  • Breaking down organizational silos
  • Bottom up and top down approaches to Lean adoption
  • Accountability and process changes required to be successful
  • Is there such a thing as the million dollar MVP?
  • Applying lean to existing products
  • Avoiding “Lean Theater”

For more info on our process, check out our Lean Product Kickstart Workbook.

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