Sencha Touch 2 OmniGraffle Stencil


Sencha Touch 2 Omnigraffle Stencil

I have produced a set of Sencha Touch 2 OmniGraffle stencils based around the kitchen sink demo that Sencha has developed. Using this set of stencils, you should effectively be able to quickly wireframe and prototype a base theme Sencha Touch application.

Included are the majority of the UI elements, and in the set you will find buttons, toolbars, form elements, modals, overlays, alerts, tab bars, and a date picker.

The stencil will also be posted to Graffletopia shortly, so you can search for it inside of OmniGraffle and download it that way as well.

**Update**: The stencil has been approved on Graffletopia. You can find it [here](

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