iOS treats HTML5 rotation differently in mobile Safari over a native web view


In June of 2011, we learned that the Nitro JavaScript Engine was being added to iOS 4.3. This, of course, got every mobile HTML5 app developer excited to learn about the potential for 2.5 times speed increase of our apps. Over the course of a year, I, along with other developers, became accustomed to expecting our apps to behave slower when using web views.  I’ve been primarily working on a Sencha Touch 2.0 application that is designed to be consumed with Mobile Safari instead of being embedded on the iOS Springboard.  I got used to the rotation behavior with this app as designed, but discovered a very different behavior for rotation when the app is embedded in a web view. What we discovered might surprise you. Breaking down HTML5 app rotation iOS from Modus Create on Vimeo.

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