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WebAssembly- Explained

June 25, 2015

On June 17, Google, Microsoft, Mozilla, and members of the WebKit project announced they will cooperate on a new binary format for web applications.  It is called WebAssembly. The problem For years, engineers working on JavaScript engines in the browsers have focused on two key stages of JavaScript running in the browser. First, it the…

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Hands On With Polymer 1.0

June 18, 2015

Overview On May 29, 2015, the polymer team announced the release of Polymer 1.0.  Since the release of Polymer 0.5 developer preview, the team has rewritten the library from the ground up, with increased performance and better functionality as results. Polymer is one of the first implementations of a user interface library built upon the…

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Web Components Introduction

May 12, 2015

Web Components Introduction Web Components is a standard that is getting really popular these days, Browser support is getting better and we can use libraries such as Polymer, XTags and Bosonic. In addition, Angular 2 will introduce support for Web Components, Shadow DOM, Templating, etc. It’s important to understand all these concepts in order to…

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Integrating BDD Cucumber Test Suites in Jenkins in 3 Steps

March 25, 2015

Behaviour Driven Development improves communication between Developers, Testers and the product owners and over a period of time we end up having a large suite of tests that need to be run very often. To have tests running regularly, it is key that we integrate test suite execution with our CI tool chain. Constantly challenging…

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Managing Debug Output with Google Chrome Console API

March 10, 2015

Although everyone has their own preference and style for debugging their web applications, we usually have at least one technique in common. At some point we’re going to write content to the console in the hopes of accurately telling the story of what’s happening in our application. This post will explore how best to exercise…

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3 Reasons Why Product Managers Need Better Tools

February 24, 2015

My software product management career began when a colleague (and now mentor) dropped copies of Steve Blank’s Four Steps to the Epiphany and Marty Cagan’s Inspired on my desk. This changed my career in an instant. After years of being a developer turned Agile zen master, I finally had a new ethos where I could…

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Baby Steps to Lean UX

February 10, 2015

The world of software product development is complex. With so many moving pieces — idea validation, user research, market research, development planning, etc. — your product can get caught up and spit back out. This complex environment presents product teams with many challenges: Knowing that you are building a useful, marketable product for your customers.…

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Scaling XenForo on Digital Ocean’s IaaS

January 27, 2015

Introduction I have been running sports message board sites since the late 1990s.  My current site,, became the official message board of the Portland Trail Blazers NBA team about a year ago.  We had been running vBulletin 4 since 2009, and it was getting dated.  The site needed a facelift and software upgrade to…

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Hybrid Mobile Apps with SQLite

December 16, 2014

Introduction As a mobile developer it’s a common requirement to save data locally. While this can be as simple as saving a few user preferences, you may eventually meet a situation where supporting more complicated data is required. In a situation such as this, SQLite can be a good option to support the storage, security…

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Using Cucumber to write BDD tests for an Extjs 5 App

October 21, 2014

In my previous blog I wrote about how you can get started with writing end to end tests for sencha apps. In this blog post I’m going to show how you can get started using cucumber to write BDD tests for a Ext JS 5 app. The Application under test will be the Ext JS…

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