7 Principles of Open Source Leadership

As lockdowns ease in various parts of the world, many organizations are calling their staff back to the office. But the employees have had enough.   Dubbed the Great Resignation, people are quitting jobs in droves. According to the Labor Department, 4 million Americans left their jobs in April 2021 – a 20-year record.  Experts believe…

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asynchronous communication

8 Tips to Master Asynchronous Communication

Think about all the good things about remote work — flexibility, opportunities, less commute, more family time… Now think about the problems it can cause —  zoom fatigue, stress, the always-on culture… What if you had a magic wand that would let you keep all the good stuff without all the chaff.  That wand is…

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Revisiting Our Digital Transformation Predictions for 2021

Welcome to quarter three, 2021. The first half of the year whizzed past us all. While the pandemic still dominates the headlines, the post-Covid world has started to take shape.  Towards the end of 2020, we made five predictions on digital transformation trends for 2021. These predictions spanned various areas of business:  from marketing, engineering,…

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Transformational Leadership

Transformational Leadership – 4 Real-World Examples

There are two ways to talk about transformational leadership.  We can dive deep into the academic theory created by Bruce Avolio and Bernard Bass in 1991 and understand how it fits into the broader Full Range Leadership Model.  Or, we can look at some real-world examples of organizations displaying transformational leadership and let their stories…

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How to Engage Remote Employees

How to Engage Remote Employees

Employee engagement is tough when teams are co-located, but it is especially challenging when they are remote. Here are some tips for creating stellar remote experiences by our Employee Engagement Manager, Fiorella Montero.

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Mental Health and Remote Work Working From Home Blog Header Image

Mental Health and Remote Work

Outside of increasing productivity, working remotely helps improve team members’ mental health and gives them more time for their family and friends. Human Resources Administrator Ignacio Solano discusses how remote workers at Modus and at businesses across the globe benefit from the opportunity to work from home. 

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Multiculturalism, Diversity, and Inclusion at Modus Create

The Value of Multiculturalism at Modus

As Modus grows, ensuring the presence of diversity, inclusion, and a strong employee experience is top priority. Ignacio Solano reflects on his internship at Modus and multiculturalism at work.

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Insights from an Intern Modus Create Blog Header Image

Insights from an Intern: One Month at Modus Create

Modus’ summer internship program gives current students an opportunity to learn new skills and work side-by-side with our team. Timmy Vu’s new blog for Modus highlights his growth and recent achievements during his first month at Modus.

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Modus Create Community of Experts Header Image

The Challenges of Building a Community of Experts

While Communities of Experts improve outcomes for our clients and aid career growth for our consultants, building a CoE can be challenging. This blog addresses common concerns: integrating a CoE, engaging with the CoE, and aligning teams.

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Living and Working with Lupus Modus Culture Blog Header Image

Living and Working with Lupus

Cultivating an inclusive workspace increases creativity and innovation. That is accomplished by employing team members with diverse backgrounds and abilities, including those with chronic illness. Modus Software Architect Mike Schwartz shares his experience working for Modus while battling a chronic illness.

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