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Evade Annoucement, our first Arduboy Game

Announcing EVADE, our first Arduboy Game

December 23, 2016

EVADE is Modus’s very first game for the Arduboy platform. Learn how a highly performing team created a great application using collaboration as a central pillar!

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Build an Alexa Skill with Python and AWS Lambda

August 11, 2016

Introduced in 2015, Amazon Echo is a wireless speaker and microphone device that allows users to interact with online services by voice. Alexa is the name of the speech service that powers Echo (and other devices), as well as a companion smartphone app for Android and iOS. It has a wide range of capabilities out…

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The State of HTML5 Gaming

December 9, 2014

Browser based Games Not that long ago, the idea of playing video games in your browser seemed like fantasy. Oh sure, we’ve had simple DOM card/board games and some Flash based games for quite a while (Elf Bowling anyone?) but nothing good built solely on HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Why not? Well, for one major…

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