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The Making of Evade 2

February 26, 2020

In just four weeks, the Modus Create team developed Evade 2, a 2.5D video game for the Arduboy, and shipped the project as a holiday gift to hundreds to our clients, friends, and family. Developing for the Arduboy is a great way for Modus Create developers to demonstrate their abilities on a severely resources limited platform.

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A Peek Under The Hood

A Peek Under the Hood – How to Build Cordova Android Plugins

September 10, 2018

Cordova plugins enable Hybrid applications to use native device features such as Camera. Learn how to wrap Cordova plugins in Ionic Native plugins.

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Simplify Mobile Push Notifications with Expo

Simplify Mobile Push Notifications With Expo

February 16, 2018

Push notifications are an integral part of mobile app development these days, but many developers, myself included, cannot even think about implementing them without breaking into a cold sweat. Alright, maybe I’m exaggerating a bit, but I’ve never had fun with them before, until now. Enter Expo. Expo is an amazing set of tools that…

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Chain React Conference

Chain React Conference Recap

July 12, 2017

Over 500 attendees filled The Armory in Portland, OR to hear from some of the more prominent and upcoming community members in the growing world of React Native. The Chain React conference brought together core React Native contributors, engineers writing their first react-native init, and everyone in between. This combination facilitated excellent knowledge transfer, feedback,…

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React Navigation and Redux in React Native Applications

April 7, 2017

In React Native, the question of “how am I going to navigate from one screen to the next?” has been pondered since day one. There have been several attempts at tackling application navigation from both the community and Facebook. Fortunately, it looks there is finally an implementation that shines brighter than the rest. React Navigation…

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Writing a Cordova Plugin in Swift 3 for iOS

January 17, 2017

This blog post is an update to one I wrote back in April 2016 and has been revised to use “modern” Swift 3 syntax, as supported by Xcode 8.2. Additionally it has been updated to use Cordova 6.4.0. You can find the original post that used Swift 2 syntax here. Since the App Store first…

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Designing the GORUCK App: gif

Designing the GORUCK App

December 6, 2016

I recently had an opportunity to do some visual design work for the GORUCK app (iOS and coming soon to Android). The project was incredibly fun to work on and I was able to to experiment with some new visual design approaches, so I thought I would share my process with the world. But before…

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React Native Cookbook – Pre-order Today!

December 1, 2016

After months of writing, we’re glad to be in the home stretch for publishing the React Native Cookbook. Read up on our progress and pre-order the cookbook today!

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Announcing React Native Cookbook

October 12, 2016

Modus Create has been using React Native heavily since March of 2015 to power applications that serve multiple industries. Crysfel Villa and Stan Bershadskiy are helping lead the charge with React Native for our organization. We’re excited that they have taken the time to share their recipes for success via their new book titled React…

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Native ES6 in Development, Transform in Production with Babel 6

Native ES6 in Development, Transform in Production With Babel 6

September 6, 2016

Many modern browsers already ship with ES2015 support, especially our favorite development browsers such as Chrome and Firefox. Still, our Babel configurations include the ES6 to ES5 transpilation step, and possibly even a number of polyfills. Can we use native ES6 in development environments without polyfills and code transforms? Disabling ES6 Transpilation Most of us…

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