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Performance Testing – Jenkins, Travis, and AWS

Looking for a way to effectively test hybrid app performance across devices? Jenkins, TravisCI, and AWSDevice Farm lets teams seamlessly test using AWS CLI.

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Using Ionic 4 in Vue applications with BEEP

One of our core values is giving back to the open source community. To test the Ionic Vue combo, we developed a hybrid PWA application called BEEP.

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ES6 Tutorial Part II

Quick Practical Guide for ES6: Part 2

JavaScript ES6 features, comparison with ES5, ES6 best practices, and examples tested on Chrome developer console: all in Part 2 of the ES6 series.

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A Peek Under The Hood

A Peek Under the Hood – How to Build Cordova Android Plugins

Cordova plugins enable Hybrid applications to use native device features such as Camera. Learn how to wrap Cordova plugins in Ionic Native plugins.

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Quick practical guide for ES6 Featured Image

Quick Practical Guide for ES6

In this post we are going to examine what new features arrived in ES6 and how to use them. Assess quick examples to understand the improvements on ES5. The list of new functionality is quite big, but here we’ll be focusing on some frequently used ones. We will also explore how to use best practices…

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How to Debug Ionic/Cordova with Visual Studio Code

Modus loves Ionic! As an Ionic Trusted Partner, we do a lot of hybrid app development for various clients using Ionic Framework. Clients love it because they get to deploy their app to multiple app stores (Google Play, Apple’s App Store, and more) for the price of developing a single app! Developers love it because…

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upgrading ionic 3 to 4 Modus

Upgrading an Ionic 3 application to Ionic 4

Ionic is one of the coolest frameworks out there for developing hybrid mobile apps and Progressive Web Applications (PWAs). As an Ionic partner, we have been following Ionic’s development closely and are very excited about the upcoming major release of the framework, Ionic 4. One of the main reasons is Ionic v4 is based on…

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Building Web Components with Stencil

Building Web Components with Stencil

Over the past few years, web development standards have evolved so much that many of us have had a hard time catching up. Even now, there’s a new javascript framework being created somewhere in the world that’ll go live in the next few months. Yet keeping up to date is crucial in the software industry…

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Building Better Ionic Apps with Ionic Pro

Building Better Ionic Apps with Ionic Pro, Part 4

Ionic Deploy is a really powerful tool and highly recommended for hot updates and managing channels for deployments. For a product owner or developer who is responsible for deployments, Ionic Deploy makes it really easy to manage the deployments, create auto-deployment mechanisms, provide hot updates or hot fixes, and roll back to a previous stable build if required.

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Building Better Ionic Apps with Ionic Pro, Part 3

In our previous post, we demonstrated how to easily run an Ionic app on devices without installing the native SDKs using Ionic DevApp. For Part 3 in our series, we will use Ionic Monitor to find and fix errors before they are caught by users. Ionic Monitor Ionic Monitor is a great tool as it…

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