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How To Create A Dashboard In Jira

How To Create A Dashboard in Jira

September 28, 2016

Have you ever had an important project get killed? Have you ever worked on an agile project where a person who can kill your project doesn’t come to sprint reviews or any other ceremonies? In under an hour you can set up a dashboard that just might save your next project. In this blog post…

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Why You Shouldn’t Hire A Designer/Developer Hybrid

September 20, 2016

Career sites are littered with “UX/UI Developer” or “User Experience Designer/Developer” positions, which include a mish-mash of UX, visual design, and development responsibilities, often written as a confusing set of job duties and qualifications that don’t mesh very well together. As a user experience professional, I’ve learned to avoid these positions like the plague. As…

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BDD and Your Full Stack Team

BDD and Your Full Stack Team

July 26, 2016

Everyone wants to build a bug-free app. Everyone wants to be Agile in their project planning. Everyone wants to have code that compiles without error. Everyone wants their code tested using a combination of solid automation tests and rigorous manual testing. Everyone wants their code to show no regressions. Everyone wants this all done quickly.…

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Improve the Velocity of Agile Project with Decisions

How to Improve an Agile Project’s Velocity with Decisions

June 8, 2016

On agile projects, making fast, smart, decisions is the key to removing roadblocks. As a ScrumMaster or Product Owner you can improve your team’s velocity by making and facilitating decisions. I’m going to give you a few tips to help you make the right decisions quickly. Product owners don’t wait for decisions Brian Valentine, the…

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“Please sir, I want some more”… growth via mobility

January 28, 2014

In prior posts I’ve discussed two common contexts for mobility initiatives: business model disruption (uh oh, how do I make money anymore?), and software subsuming hardware (no more pesky boxes). The third, today’s topic, is growth vectors for mature firms (I’m already really big – how do I get bigger?) – using mobility to generate…

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