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Manage 6 Personalities in Meetings – The Persuasive Talker

July 11, 2019

The most persuasive member of your team can often be the most difficult to manage. JD Jones gives tips on dealing with an opinionated, compelling, and defiant team member during meetings in the final part of his 6 Challenging Personality Types blog series.

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6 Personalities in Meetings – The Unclear Communicator

June 27, 2019

Some team members have great ideas but struggle to effectively communicate them. This can cause confusion and damage the project at hand. Learn how to help team members communicate clearly and effectively in meetings.

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Friends Don't Let Friends Do Scrum

How To Maximize An Agile Team – Don’t Give Up On Scrum

June 18, 2019

The Scrum framework can be a huge asset for your software development team. In this article, Scrummaster Mark Potter discusses the best uses for Scrum on an Agile development project.

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6 Personalities in Meetings – The Great Debaters

April 30, 2019

Facilitating meetings can be difficult, and with many attendees, it’s easy to go off track. JD Jones discusses how to facilitate meetings with attendees who relish debate in the third article of his 6 Challenging Personality Types series.

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Facilitate Celebrated Triage Meetings

Facilitate Celebrated Triage Meetings

April 25, 2019

Teams can employ Triage Meetings to effectively plan for the future and discuss ongoing work. However, many people dread Triage Meetings and perceive them as a waste of time. Learn how to eliminate those negative thoughts and facilitate valuable Triage Meetings.

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Top Announcements from Atlassian Summit 2019

April 16, 2019

The Modus team had a great experience at the 2019 Atlassian Summit. The event’s presentations and break out sessions revealed some of the exciting new features coming to the Atlassian tool suite. Check out our list of the most interesting announcements from the 2019 summit!

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Setting up a monorepo React app with Yarn

Setting Up A Monorepo React App with Yarn

April 9, 2019

For larger applications, structuring and managing folders and modules can be difficult. Monorepo is a multi-package structure used to consolidate code under one repository. Learn how to set up Monorepo with Yarn!

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Swoop and Poop

6 Personalities in Meetings – The Swoop-and-Pooper

April 4, 2019

Ever received late round feedback that caused you to go back to the drawing board? Learn to facilitate meetings so late feedback doesn’t derail your project in the second article of our 6 Challenging Personality Types series.

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Announcing Agile 2.0.0 – The Newest and Bestest Agile Ever

April 1, 2019

Thought Agile was good? Well Agile 2.0.0 is great! Toilet paper math, more meetings, what could go wrong? Absolutely nothing. Happy April Fools Day!

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How to Manage 6 Challenging Personality Types in Meetings

March 21, 2019

Managing a team can be difficult. A team is made up of different personalities, and some are more challenging than others. Learn how to adapt your facilitation techniques to accommodate different personalities and communication styles.

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