Announcing the DZone Sencha Touch Refcard


Modus Create is pleased to announce the release of the DZone Refcard: Sencha Touch

The Sencha Touch Refcard introduces the Sencha Touch 2 framework and its core concepts. For each concept there are source code snippets showing it in action. It is targeted for Sencha Touch developers of all experiences, it can serve as a starting point as well a quick reference for the experienced developer.

The Reference Card covers the following:

  • Introduction to Sencha Touch 2
  • Class System
  • Component System
  • Event System
  • Selectors
  • Data Package
  • XTemplate
  • MVC
  • Application Theming
  • Packaging and Deploying
  • Common Pitfalls


Sencha Touch Refcard - Component System

Sencha Touch Refcard: MVC and Theming


The Refcard was written for DZone by Stan Bershadskiy (@stan229) and edited by Grgur Grisogono (@ggrgur) and Jay Garcia (@modusjesus). Stan has been working with Sencha frameworks for the greater part of the last five years, particularly with Sencha Touch. You can see some of his Sencha Touch work here: Time Inc. Digital Storefront and Diablo 3 Mobile Companion

We hope you enjoy it and don’t forget to share it with your friends and colleagues!

Get the Sencha Touch Refcard here: refcard cover

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