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Modus Create has been using React Native heavily since March of 2015 to power applications that serve multiple industries. Crysfel Villa and Stan Bershadskiy are helping lead the charge with React Native for our organization. We’re excited that they have taken the time to share their recipes for success via their new book titled React Native Cookbook, published by Packt and scheduled for release in December 2016. We hope that you’ll enjoy using this manuscript as much as they’ve enjoyed writing it.

-Jay Garcia, co-founder of Modus Create

React Native Cookbook

To say this book is jam-packed with content is an understatement. We blew past our initial page estimates because there was so much to write about and we didn’t want to leave any of it out. This book will cover the entire spectrum of React Native development from trivial tasks like rendering a list to implementing advanced custom animations, and it even includes application state management with Redux. Yes, we have a whole chapter devoted to Redux that will help you understand the library and decide if it is a fit for your application. That is just a taste of the JavaScript-based recipes; we aren’t leaving native iOS and Android behind. We will show you how to write custom native modules and components, perform background multitasking operations, and even embed your React Native app inside existing native applications. To help you through the finishing stretch and broaden your knowledge even further, we discuss performance optimizations, best practices, debugging, testing, deploying and more.

We recommend having some extremely basic React Native knowledge before purchasing this book. As a prerequisite, it would be helpful to understand how to create an app using the react-native-cli and be comfortable with JavaScript (ES6 knowledge is recommended). Native Objective-C for iOS and Java code for Android will also be covered, respectively. You do not need to have any existing knowledge of the languages as we will walk you through the code step by step.

Writing the Book

A little over 3 months ago, Crysfel and I set out on this journey of writing the React Native Cookbook. For Crysfel, this wasn’t his first time writing a book and has published with Packt before. On the other hand, I didn’t know really what to expect. As we are finishing up the book, I can safely say that I will always remember this time. In short, it is far more involved and tedious than I anticipated, but the material I learned and am able to share with you, the reader, is well worth it.

While Crysfel and I both reside in Brooklyn, NY, Crysfel has been on site with a client in Japan for the last few months. He spent his weekends writing, and I spent my weeknights writing. Our schedules do not fully align, but we were still able to make progress each week. Here’s a glimpse at our commit punchcard of the sample code:

React Native Cookbook commit punchcard sample code

To top it off, our content editor is located in India. Fortunately for us, we employed the same practices we do on any Modus Create project and had no issues with communication. Modus Create has employees distributed all over the world and that has never been an obstacle in producing quality work.


Crysfel and I have poured our entire knowledge of React Native into this book. There are plenty of recipes here that you will not be able to find published in blog posts or other books for that matter. We made sure to stay current with the ever-changing trends in React and React Native development. We know you’ll find this book a worthwhile reference and would love to hear how you used it in developing your React Native applications.

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