Mike Schwartz's Perspective:

Docker For Developers

Mike Schwartz

I recently inherited an existing project that hadn’t been actively worked on for quite some time. When I looked at…

Swift Modules for React Native

Mike Schwartz

React Native is an Objective-C application framework that bridges JavaScript applications running in the JSCore JavaScript engine to iOS and…

Hands On With Polymer 1.0

Mike Schwartz

Overview On May 29, 2015, the polymer team announced the release of Polymer 1.0.  Since the release of Polymer 0.5…

Scaling XenForo on Digital Ocean’s IaaS

Mike Schwartz

Introduction I have been running sports message board sites since the late 1990s.  My current site, www.sportstwo.com, became the official…

Three issues with AngularJS

Mike Schwartz

AngularJS is all the rage these days, and for good reason. It’s a lightweight and modern way to create Rich…

Fast Polling vs. Websockets

Mike Schwartz

WebSockets are a great addition to the HTTP protocol suite, but there are numerous situations where they cannot be used.…