Akash Agrawal

Akash Agrawal is a Software Engineer with Modus Create. He is an experienced JavaScript and Ruby programmer with chops in front and backend development along with database architecture. Akash has a deep interest in pure functional languages and is a padwan haskell hacker. He enjoys exploring surrounding areas on his bike when not working.

Posts by Akash Agrawal

May 31, 2016

Custom Components in NativeScript

There aren’t too many things as satisfying as doing something in less than half the lines of code than if we were being sloppy. Case in point, we’ll be exploring...

April 12, 2016

NativeScript Layouts for HTML Ninjas

NativeScript is an awesome framework for building cross-platform applications. It’s aimed at developers working with the holy trinity of web development, a.k.a HTML, Javascript and CSS. While Javascript in NativeScript...

April 5, 2016

What Promises Do That Observables Can’t

Nothing. Observables are grabbing the spotlight as one of the cool new things Angular 2 is doing, despite having been around for some time. They are positioned to fully eclipse...

January 21, 2016

Monad Pattern for Functional Programming in ES6

A Curious JavaScripter’s Guide to Monad Pattern There are times when, on the journey to enlightenment, one comes across a programming concept so mind-bending, and yet so simplistically elegant that...