We’ll work closely with your team
to instill Lean practices for ideation, strategy, design and delivery

— practices that are adaptable to every part of your business. Our approach involves a near-scientific method for validating ideas before writing even one line of code. The result? Better products delivered faster by happier and more productive developers. We think this approach will be seen as the common sense way-to-work in the next 5 years. Take a look at what we can do for you.

Product Kickstart

Facilitated, focused and action-oriented. Give your team a framework for sizing risk and complexity, and ship your product faster.


World-recognized experts in Sencha technologies. We help companies innovate top-notch cross-platform apps.

Product Management

Our lean approach enables you to make better decisions by addressing risk, complexity, and scope.


A Direct Dive Into Angular Directives

Jason Lunsford

Angular is awesome. Directives, on the other hand, can be a pain in the ass. They seem complex – their place in the application sometimes seems unclear, and using them…


Advanced Charting with Ext JS and Sencha Touch

When is the webinar? 08/21/2014 at 1:00pm EDT. What is the webinar about? Brice will walk through and discuss how to leverage the advanced concepts of custom charts using Ext…


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