Andrew Owen

Andrew Owen graduated from the School of the Arts at Virginia Commonwealth University and was Modus Create's first (w)intern. He is a fan of black coffee, blacker beer, and biking in between gaming. During his free time, he is a freelance photographer and videographer. While at Modus Create, Andrew filled the role of QA Engineer and Organizer of the NoVA.JS Meetu.

Posts by Andrew Owen

November 15, 2016

Writing E2E Tests with Nightwatch-Cucumber

Nightwatch.js is an awesome, lightweight, Node.js based, End-to-End (E2E) testing framework. Cucumber.js is a JavaScript implementation of Cucumber, my favorite Domain Specific Language (DSL) driven testing framework. When I found...

July 26, 2016

BDD and Your Full Stack Team

Everyone wants to build a bug-free app. Everyone wants to be Agile in their project planning. Everyone wants to have code that compiles without error. Everyone wants their code tested...